EcoStation:Bushwick! is the aegis under which I and my fellow green-minded collaborators operate when undertaking the joyous task of greening our little corner of Bushwick, Brooklyn. To date, EcoStation:Bushwick actions and activities have included hosting Earth Day events, interactive tours of the Woodbine Street Block Association Garden (our home base), a Celebrate Urban Birds day, co-producing The Green Experience, and the Secret Garden Project.

– Sean-Michael Fleming

The Secret Garden Project is the revitalization of the Linden-Bushwick Block Association Garden's 19,000 "interior." Hidden from street view, it is a massive space, half burgeoning community vegetable garden, half wild area. This wild area is where we are establishing the Secret Garden Urban Wildlife Sanctuary. More about the Secret Garden Project...

"The Green Experience" was a wet and wild day - together with area schools and folks from all corners we planted over 1,000 daffodils on the grounds of Hope Gardens Community Center - in the rain! Thanks to Eric Cumberbatch of NYCHA for his support - and to the Bushwick Campus schools for their participation! Look for more projects with event co-producer Presice and his Green Campaign in the future.

Earth Day 2008 at Hope Gardens Community Center.

Celebrate Urban Birds! day at the Woodbine St. Garden (above) and
later at the Secret Garden (below). Celebrate Urban Birds is a program of
my friends at the world-renowned Cornell University Lab of Ornithology.

Summer 2007 - Kids from Hope Gardens Community Center receive "Friend of the Garden - Friend of the Earth" certificates and pins after touring the garden, planting in take-home pots, and taking a pledge to respect & protect the environment, their community, and their Earth!